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A New Year Resolution – Home Inventory

New Year Resolution

The New Year is almost here.  What resolutions will you make in 2020?  We have an excellent one and yes, it’s insurance-related — Create a home inventory!  

What exactly is a home inventory?  Simply put, it’s a list and/or photos of everything in your home.  If you were to have a total loss to your home, like a fire, would you be able to provide a list of everything you lost in that fire?  That’s where a prepared home inventory can come in handy during a very stressful time.  

Whether you prefer to handwrite a list of your items, or download an app for your smartphone and take photos, having a home inventory is important.  You can learn more about how to prepare a home inventory at this website:

Do you have a home inventory?  Let us know how you prepared it.  We love passing on tips to our clients from others. Have a wonderful New Year and make that Home Inventory Resolution in 2020!