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Home Inventory – Why You Need One

Home Inventory Graphic

Think about all of the belongings in your house.  Could you list them all? Probably not. Take your bedroom for instance.  Do you know how many pieces of clothing you own? What about just one drawer in your dresser – do you know what’s in it?  Moving on to the kitchen – how many pots and pans? What is in that junk drawer? Let’s not even tackle the garage just yet.

What happens when your home burns down from a fire?  Or a devastating tornado hits your home? A total loss could occur.  Would you be prepared to list everything you own so you could replace it all?  This is where a home inventory comes in – it could help you restock your belongings after a total loss.  Renters pay attention too – a home inventory is important for you as well in restoring your belongings.

An easy way to create a home inventory is to take a video of everything in each room of your house.  A second suggestion is when you purchase a major item, take a picture of the receipt. Both your videos and photos should be uploaded to a free cloud service.  For any important documents that you prefer not to photograph, a fireproof safe would be ideal.

Nothing can truly prepare you for the devastation of a total loss to your home, but having a home inventory prepared can help make you whole again and isn’t that the purpose of insurance?  To make you whole after a loss. A tiny bit of preparation like a home inventory can go a long way.