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New Jewelry? It’s time for an Insurance Review.

By Insurance

Love is in the air and many lucky ducks just might receive some jewelry during the month of February. It’s a wonderfully exciting thing receiving a shiny new token of affection. However, it would be equally as devastating if it were lost, stolen, or broken. It’s not always fun to review insurance coverage every time something is gifted or something changes in your life, but it is definitely a good idea to do so.

Now back to jewelry. Be sure to take good detailed pictures and save them so that you can provide the pictures to your insurance company in the event a claim is ever necessary. Even though your admirer may not want you to know the cost associated with your gift, have them save the receipt — either a digital copy or hard copy so that it is available as well. Receipts are important in the event the device is lost or stolen, especially when it comes to jewelry since so many items are unique and hard to price match.

This next part is important for all jewelry, not just new pieces.

Did you know appraisals only last two or three years? With market changes as well as conditional changes in the jewelry itself, jewelry needs to be reappraised occasionally.

A good appraisal should provide a description complete and detailed enough to adequately replace the item in the event it is damaged, lost, or stolen.  

Did you receive jewelry this month or back around the holidays?  What about a birthday? Contact your agent today and they would be happy to do an insurance review!

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Getting Organized Month – Home Inventory Time

By Insurance

January is Getting Organized Month.  Here’s one way to get organized – create a home inventory.  Why? Well, it’s human nature to think “That could never happen to me” and yet when disaster strikes, we want to be as prepared as possible — which is why we have insurance in the first place.

However, many of us tend to overlook the vast amount of things we’ve accumulated over time. Have you packed to go on a trip and then when it was time to pack to return home, suddenly there is too much to fit in your suitcase? From souvenirs and gifts to dirty unfolded clothes, suddenly nothing fits quite like it did before in that suitcase.

Throughout the course of last year, your home, much like your suitcase, has probably collected a few new items and lost a few older ones. Each year it’s important to inventory your belongings to see to it that you are properly insured for the contents that are actually there. No one should ever have to experience being under-insured during a disaster, but on the other hand, you also should not be paying to be over-insured unnecessarily.

By walking through your house, documenting the items you have with a camera or a home inventory app on your phone or tablet, and reviewing your contents with your insurance agent, you can determine the best coverage for you and your home in the New Year.  So, why not take advantage of Get Organized Month and create that home inventory today?