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New Year Resolution

A New Year Resolution – Home Inventory

By Insurance

The New Year is almost here.  What resolutions will you make in 2020?  We have an excellent one and yes, it’s insurance-related — Create a home inventory!  

What exactly is a home inventory?  Simply put, it’s a list and/or photos of everything in your home.  If you were to have a total loss to your home, like a fire, would you be able to provide a list of everything you lost in that fire?  That’s where a prepared home inventory can come in handy during a very stressful time.  

Whether you prefer to handwrite a list of your items, or download an app for your smartphone and take photos, having a home inventory is important.  You can learn more about how to prepare a home inventory at this website:

Do you have a home inventory?  Let us know how you prepared it.  We love passing on tips to our clients from others. Have a wonderful New Year and make that Home Inventory Resolution in 2020!

Hail Stones

What to do after a Hailstorm

By Insurance, Safety & Maintenance Tips

Storm season continues in August and even into the fall months.  Wind and hail can, unfortunately, be quite common this time of year.  The following are steps you can take if your home sustains damage after a hailstorm:

  • Make note of the day and time of the hailstorm.
  • After the storm has passed and there is no risk, inspect your dwelling for damage.  Look at the roof, gutters, air conditioning unit, window screens, etc. Do not climb on the roof if it is steep and dangerous.  In addition, check for any interior water leaking in any of your interior rooms.
  • If you have any broken windows or interior water damage, contact a contractor to complete temporary repairs.  Keep the invoice.
  • You may wish to have a local, licensed contractor inspect your property and give you an estimate to determine if the repairs will exceed your deductible.
  • You can file a claim by contacting your agent.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you.  

National Smile Week

National Smile Week

By Everyday Living, Insurance

The second week of August is National Smile Week.  You may be thinking why is this an insurance post and not a dentist post?  But we’re here to share that there is so much to smile about when it comes to home insurance.  

Home insurance gives peace of mind.  Whether it’s a wind and hail storm, a fire, burglary or another covered disaster, insurance is protection for not only your home but your contents as well.  Knowing you have protection to replace the things you could lose is definitely something to smile about.

Have you reviewed your home insurance policy with your agent lately?  Your agent would be happy to review your policy to make sure you’re properly covered.  And, your agent will probably do so with a smile. So, go ahead and partake in National Smile Week while you think about your home insurance.  Have a great week!  

Water Damage

Water Damage – What to Do if you Have a Loss

By Insurance

Broken pipes, sump pump overflow or sewer back-up — all of these items can cause water damage to your home.  What can you do if your property has sustained damage from a water loss? Here are some recommendations to minimize the damage:

  • Locate your main water shut off valve and contact a plumber if necessary.
  • Place furniture on risers to prevent further damage.
  • Remove any undamaged items and store them in a safe area.
  • Contact your agent to report the claim and discuss any mitigation/clean-up efforts needed to prevent further damage.

Water damages can often have hidden consequences if not attended to, so do all you can to protect the area from further damage.  For more tips on home maintenance and safety, check out our blog.  

Home Inventory

Being Prepared for the “What If” with a Home Inventory

By Insurance

Who wants to think about the “what if” moments when it comes to your home?  What if my house burned down? What if a tree fell on my home? What if my documents were destroyed in a fire?  What if my home has water damage and I can no longer stay in it? None of us want to think about these types of events happening to our homes, but it can happen. 

One way to prepare for a “what if” is to prepare a home inventory.  What’s a home inventory? It’s a list of all the items and belongings in your home.  For if that “what if” moment happened, you would have a list of everything that is damaged or destroyed, making that devastating, unexpected loss a little easier to handle. 

Did you know you can even create a home inventory electronically?  There are several apps available for your phone or tablet. Take unlimited photos of the rooms in your home and items in them, plus your garage and outdoor living space with an app.  If the “what if” happened, you can have all the information of your home inventory stored in the app and be able to access it with an internet/data connection. Get started on your home inventory today!