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Theft – What to do if your home is burglarized

By Insurance, Safety & Maintenance Tips

As we go through life we collect an array of things. Many items hold sentimental value, some hold monetary value, some are just necessary for daily living, but they’re ours. Like birds that have carefully constructed the perfect nest, we have made our home our own and it is comforting to come back to it each day or night. You feel safe in your home. A bad day at work is alleviated by the comforts of your couch or favorite chair. What happens, when that comfort is invaded? According to, there are roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year, 66% of those being home break ins. Even the safest neighborhoods can be affected by theft.

Imagine with me:

You’ve been out to the movies. It’s been a great night complete with dinner, good company, and a hilarious movie. You’re quoting your favorite parts of the movie still laughing until your abs hurt as your pull up at home and see your door open. You freeze.

This moment alone is gut wrenching but what happens when you go inside?

You want to approach the house but you’re not sure if someone is still inside. Your friend grabs your arm and suggests calling the police first. A couple of minutes go by and a police cruiser pulls up and officers search the property to see if anyone is still inside. Your house has been completely ransacked. There is evidence of forced entry and the police begin an investigation as you stare in awe at the disaster that was once your place.

While having your home broken into is traumatic, it does not have to be life-altering. No amount of comfort will erase what has been done, but rebuilding and replacing is a step to healing. With insurance, you have the coverage to help in this process. Anytime a theft occurs follow these steps:

  1.      Notify the police immediately and obtain your report number.
  2.      Secure your property if damage created a hazard. *So fix that door if it was kicked in or secure that window if it was broken.
  3.      Create an inventory of any missing items to document your loss.
  4.      Take photos of any damage.
  5.      Contact your agent so the claim process can begin.

Your adjuster will assist you throughout the entire process. There will be a time where you can feel safe and comfortable in your home again and even be more prepared for situations in the future. Hopefully, you’ll never experience a theft but if you do, it’s better to be prepared.