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New Year Resolution

A New Year Resolution – Home Inventory

By Insurance

The New Year is almost here.  What resolutions will you make in 2020?  We have an excellent one and yes, it’s insurance-related — Create a home inventory!  

What exactly is a home inventory?  Simply put, it’s a list and/or photos of everything in your home.  If you were to have a total loss to your home, like a fire, would you be able to provide a list of everything you lost in that fire?  That’s where a prepared home inventory can come in handy during a very stressful time.  

Whether you prefer to handwrite a list of your items, or download an app for your smartphone and take photos, having a home inventory is important.  You can learn more about how to prepare a home inventory at this website:

Do you have a home inventory?  Let us know how you prepared it.  We love passing on tips to our clients from others. Have a wonderful New Year and make that Home Inventory Resolution in 2020!

Home Inventory

Being Prepared for the “What If” with a Home Inventory

By Insurance

Who wants to think about the “what if” moments when it comes to your home?  What if my house burned down? What if a tree fell on my home? What if my documents were destroyed in a fire?  What if my home has water damage and I can no longer stay in it? None of us want to think about these types of events happening to our homes, but it can happen. 

One way to prepare for a “what if” is to prepare a home inventory.  What’s a home inventory? It’s a list of all the items and belongings in your home.  For if that “what if” moment happened, you would have a list of everything that is damaged or destroyed, making that devastating, unexpected loss a little easier to handle. 

Did you know you can even create a home inventory electronically?  There are several apps available for your phone or tablet. Take unlimited photos of the rooms in your home and items in them, plus your garage and outdoor living space with an app.  If the “what if” happened, you can have all the information of your home inventory stored in the app and be able to access it with an internet/data connection. Get started on your home inventory today!

spring cleaning graphic

Spring Home Inventory

By Everyday Living, Insurance

Have you begun the much-anticipated spring-cleaning? The winter holidays are over and your house could probably use a fresh start. As you weed through the nooks and crannies and dig out outdated items that could probably stand to be donated by now, you may just feel a weight you didn’t know was there start to lift off of your shoulders. The sun is starting to come through the windows and you need to make some space. You don’t necessarily have to rid your household of everything that doesn’t bring you joy, but maybe consider tossing the items that no longer function. If you are able to part with items, do so, and do it before you change your mind. If you’ve bought new furniture, donate the old furniture so someone else can enjoy endless movies nights with your pre-worn in the already loved couch. Once you’ve purged your house and renewed for the spring you’ll feel like a brand new you.

Do you know what you should do after a renewal; after you’ve just regrouped your entire house and switched up the contents a little? Can you guess?

That’s right!

You should update your home inventory! An up-to-date home inventory is vital in the event a major claim occurs. After the holidays, your household has probably acquired a few new things and you’ve probably just gotten rid of a few items. Updating in the spring is usually the easiest because it involves mostly removing items and maybe adding only one or two. Either way, you should definitely review your inventory and update as necessary, just in case.  Happy spring cleaning and get to that home inventory today!

Home Inventory Graphic

Home Inventory – Why You Need One

By Insurance

Think about all of the belongings in your house.  Could you list them all? Probably not. Take your bedroom for instance.  Do you know how many pieces of clothing you own? What about just one drawer in your dresser – do you know what’s in it?  Moving on to the kitchen – how many pots and pans? What is in that junk drawer? Let’s not even tackle the garage just yet.

What happens when your home burns down from a fire?  Or a devastating tornado hits your home? A total loss could occur.  Would you be prepared to list everything you own so you could replace it all?  This is where a home inventory comes in – it could help you restock your belongings after a total loss.  Renters pay attention too – a home inventory is important for you as well in restoring your belongings.

An easy way to create a home inventory is to take a video of everything in each room of your house.  A second suggestion is when you purchase a major item, take a picture of the receipt. Both your videos and photos should be uploaded to a free cloud service.  For any important documents that you prefer not to photograph, a fireproof safe would be ideal.

Nothing can truly prepare you for the devastation of a total loss to your home, but having a home inventory prepared can help make you whole again and isn’t that the purpose of insurance?  To make you whole after a loss. A tiny bit of preparation like a home inventory can go a long way.

Getting Organized Month Header

Getting Organized Month – Home Inventory Time

By Insurance

January is Getting Organized Month.  Here’s one way to get organized – create a home inventory.  Why? Well, it’s human nature to think “That could never happen to me” and yet when disaster strikes, we want to be as prepared as possible — which is why we have insurance in the first place.

However, many of us tend to overlook the vast amount of things we’ve accumulated over time. Have you packed to go on a trip and then when it was time to pack to return home, suddenly there is too much to fit in your suitcase? From souvenirs and gifts to dirty unfolded clothes, suddenly nothing fits quite like it did before in that suitcase.

Throughout the course of last year, your home, much like your suitcase, has probably collected a few new items and lost a few older ones. Each year it’s important to inventory your belongings to see to it that you are properly insured for the contents that are actually there. No one should ever have to experience being under-insured during a disaster, but on the other hand, you also should not be paying to be over-insured unnecessarily.

By walking through your house, documenting the items you have with a camera or a home inventory app on your phone or tablet, and reviewing your contents with your insurance agent, you can determine the best coverage for you and your home in the New Year.  So, why not take advantage of Get Organized Month and create that home inventory today?